Making Beeswax Candles to Help Pay for My University Education


BeeEducated Beeswax Candles 

Queen Bee, Busy Bee, Worker Bee & Honey Bee   



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BeeEducated enables me to make beautiful beeswax candles at the same time as helping to fund my post-secondary education - pretty smart because I love to make candles!

Beeswax Candles don't just smell wonderful - they also have important properties - see my section on Beeswax Properties.

I sell my candles in packages to save you money - please see below for prices and descriptions. If you want I can also custom package candles for you - see my Candles I Make tab.



Queen Bee: $140

1 Large Rustic 4 Tapers

1 Medium Rustic 2 Hexagon Votives

2 Tall Rustics Free Pottery Trivet

Busy Bee: $79

1 Large Rustic Free Pottery Trivet

1 Medium Rustic

1 Tall Rustic

Worker Bee: $65

1 Medium Rustic 1 Hexagon Votive

1 Tall Rustic Free Pottery Trivet

2 Tapers

Honey Bee: $50

1 Medium Rustic 

1 Hexagon Votive

2 Tapers

Wee Bees: Tealights

Package of 10 - $13.00

Package of 20 - $25.00

Package of 30 - $36.00